Business Science

Why understanding the principles of price elasticity is especially critical post-pandemic

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Deep discounting as a survival strategy

Artificial Intelligence, Business Science

Why UX Is a Vital Part of the Success of AI

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Business Science, Data Science

Why AI models depend on product similarity for better results

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What is a dendrogram?

Business Science, Data Science

How closely should you look at your data to maximize returns?

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“We’re so obsessed with data, we forget how to interpret it”. — Danah Boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research

Business Science

Why being an effective leader requires being an empathetic teacher

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“How can I be a better leader?”

Business Science

A statistical analysis of the new markers of economic downturn in consumer behaviour

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What is the lipstick index?

Careers, Data Science, Business Science

And 3 ways it left me unprepared for the real world

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My journey into data science

Business Science

Sometimes the best business intelligence comes from the least likely data

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Elena Marocco

Evo Product Team leader since 2020 — Supply chain team leader since 2019 — Data Scientist since 2016 — Master’s degree in Mathematics

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